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The Fort Worth Cats independent professional baseball team played 14 seasons, starting in 2001 and p

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The Fort Worth Cats played their home games in two locations during their 14 seasons:

Lon Golds

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This website used to be the official website of the Fort Worth Cats independent professional baseball team.  The team played in several leagues during the time it operated from 2001 through 2014:

  • All-American Association (2001)
  • Central Baseball League (2002-2005)
    • Note that this “CBL” is different than the Continental Baseball League which played in 2007 through 2010 and had a team in Tarrant County in 2007
    • The Cats did not play in that “CBL” at any point in the team’s history
  • American Association (2006-2011)
  • North American League (2012)
  • United League Baseball (2013-2014)


The team stopped playing after the 2014 ULB season, and the team has not returned in any league at this time.   Going forward, this website is going to preserve many of the memories of the team and its opponents during the 14 seasons in which it entertained fans from Fort Worth and the rest of Tarrant County.

Should you have any remaining or unresolved issues with the Cats organization, staff members, its parent company, any of the previous owners, or previous leagues in which the Cats played then you are encouraged to contact those parties separately.   This website is run by a party which had no responsibility for any legal, operations or financial matters pertaining to the Cats and any of the leagues in which team operated.  This website simply serves as “fan site”.

Purpose Of This Website

The website is being revived for the following reasons:

  • To provide a centralized location for statistics, images, videos, news articles, and other memories about the Cats
  • Easy-to-find season-by-season content such as statistics (click here for the Seasons)
  • Provide a local business directory for Fort Worth and Tarrant County businesses who wish to get exposure to Cats’ fans and others who live or work in Tarrant County (click here)
  • Offer you with information about other independent baseball teams, including those which may have been opponents of the Cats
  • Provide other resources of possible benefit specific to Fort Worth and Tarrant County
  • Give you the opportunity to purchase original and replica Fort Worth Cats merchandise (still pending an agreement with the copyright holder of the logo and team name rights)
  • To find current baseball equipment for sale (click here)


Over the next few weeks, content will be added to this website including several links to resources.  If you have photos and videos (to which you have 100% rights), resources to hard-to-find articles, and other content which you believe would preserve the memory of the Fort Worth Cats then please contact us.  Should we use the information then you are welcome to let us know how you would like us to give you credit.

Thank you for your interest in the Cats and, if you attended or listened to a radio broadcast for at least one game, for having been a fan of the Cats.  Former players, managers and coaches, front office staff and others associated with the team are welcome to provide content as well.  If so, that information will be added in the appropriate section(s) of the website.


Developmental League Note

During the last years of the Cats at LaGrave Field, a professional baseball development league called the “Texas Summer League” played during the days at the stadium.  If players did well in that league, then they could have been signed to United League teams, including the Cats, which was the parent professional league.

This developmental league was for players already finished with college eligibility and sought opportunities to play at the independent minor league professional level; and this league was different than the Texas Collegiate League which had teams in the Dallas area and elsewhere in Texas.  That league (TCL) is open only to players still with college eligibility who are looking to get drafted by MLB organizations.  The TCL did not play at LaGrave Field nor did any TCL teams play against the Cats.

Occasionally we will add some Texas Summer League (professional developmental league) content to this website if it pertains to the Cats.