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During the team’s last season in 2014, the United League Baseball league office attempted to do something different in the professional minor league sports business.  That was to create a local business directory and help businesses in Fort Worth, and nearby Tarrant County businesses, be able to reach Cats’ fans as well as those who looked for these businesses in the search engines or social media channels.

The team had some moderate success despite being with a website platform that didn’t allow for a robust local business directory to be created and promoted.  This website, even though it is a “memory” site dedicated to the team, will take over and create the business directory which the league wasn’t able to accomplish at the time.

The league’s initial attempt, at the time, didn’t include more advanced forms of digital content such as a local business having:

  • video content
  • audio (podcast) content
  • embedded Maps to show directions or other geographic information
  • helping a local business showcase the wide range of geographic areas for its clients
  • reviews from other third-party websites
  • other digital content


This version of the Cats website aims to enable a local business to showcase more of its favorable digital content in order to help others in the greater Fort Worth area feel more comfortable contacting that business for the first time.

If you like the exposure that a page on this website related to your industry is getting through the search engines or other means, then you are welcome to contact us and discuss how to get your contact information and content on that page.  Thank you.

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Fort Worth Cats – Local Business Directory


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